Esperanza Dominican Relief

Esperanza Dominican Relief

In the Beginning...

Esperanza's Founder, C.E.O. & Project Coordinator, L. J. Oliva

The Esperanza project was started by L. J. Oliva, RPA-C Physician Assistant in 1996. After having made several medical trips to places such as the former Soviet Union, Honduras and frequently to the Dominican Republic, her efforts remained focused in the Dominican Republic from 1996 to the present.

Our volunteers are American trained and licensed medical personnel. We provide medical, surgical, orthopedic and prosthetic limb services. Dominican physicians also work with us whenever possible.

What We Have Done

Since 1996, Esperanza has been working in various clinics in the barrios, with Dominican nurses and physicians to create an ongoing, cross cultural learning experience, where an exchange of current medical and surgical techniques, as well as social needs takes place.

Medical relief efforts have been in the form of purchasing necessary medical and surgical supplies to stock poorly supplied hospitals and small clinics within the barrios. Vaccinations and other medicines are routinely purchased and distributed directly to the clinics by Esperanza. Esperanza staff members organize vaccination clinics, for non-vaccinated, or incompletely vaccinated children and adults so they can receive their proper immunizations.

Esperanza has also developed an international affiliation for prosthetic limb services, where prosthesis are fabricated, as well as refurbished for the residents within the Dominican Republic. In addition, Esperanza facilitates surgical referrals to surgeons in the United States for Dominicans that are in need of necessary, advanced and more precise surgery, otherwise unobtainable in their country.

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